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Your Dream Tours are Here

Buthrotum, Blue Eye Springs, Ksamil And Lekursi Castle From Saranda

Our 5-hour tour begins when you are picked-up at your selected location. You will be transported in…

One day tour to Blue Eye, Castle of Lekuresi and Saranda town (Onhezmi Syanagoge).

A strategic hill point overlooking the town of Saranda, as well as the islands of Ksamil and Corfu.

One day trip to Gjirokastra and Blue Eye


You will be transported in a comfortable vehicle to the hillside town of Gjirokastra, which is defined by its castle, cobbled narrow roads full of character, imposing slate roof houses and magnificent views over the Drina Valley.

Albanian Evening – Polyphony & Folklore

A wonderful local test, local wine and the fantastic Albanian Polyphony music, uncial in Europe will give you the biggest pleasure of the day.

Experience Riviera Of Albania In One Day Tour

The Albanian Riviera is a place where the sun stretches across the deep sea, a place which is known for having fascinating beaches with deep and very clean waters, with incredible scenery, delicious food and more than hospitable locals. These all mean that the Albania Riviera should be at the top of your must-see travel list.

The Best Experience Ever

Saranda, "The Unofficial capital and The Pearl of The Albanian Riviera".
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