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Sites and Attractions

Except for the orginased tours, we give you the chance to create a tour based on your personal preferences. You just tell us where you want to go and will do our best to organize an unforgettable tour for you

We offer our proffesional guide in the magnificent miracle of nature Blue Eye where you can enjoy an amazing view and good local good.

The Castle of Lekuresi also is a main attraction in Saranda. The view from the top is amazing and their is also the Monastery of 40 Saints where you can check out some really ancient iconographics.

The National Park of Butrint is worldwide know attraction that offers you a journey to the ancient day of Roman empire and Byzantium.

The city made of stone, Gjirokastra, is located near Saranda and has many attractions to visit and to enjoy the traditional roads and buildings.

Located only 15 minutes from Saranda, Ksamil is a wonderful place that is one the most beautiful places in Albania. There you can visit Mirror Beach, Monastery Beach, Pema e Thate, Pulebardha, Gjiri i Hartes, 3 Islands etc.

Joel Trael also can guide you to cities like Berat, Kruje to visit Skandergbeg, out national hero castle, Shkoder and Vlore.

Albanian Riviera  also is a place full of suprises with places like Lukova, Porto Palermo, Borshi, Dhermi, Jala, Himare. These are amazing places to visit and you will encounter a lot of Bunkers along the way.

The amazing city of Saranda  offers many places like the Synagogue, Church, Mosque, St.Nicolas Church Mesopotam, 40 Saints Monastery.
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Blue Eye ( Sarande )

Castle of Lekuresi ( Sarande )

Butrint ( Sarande )


( Mirror Beach, Monastery Beach, Pema e Thate, Pulebardha, Gjiri I Hartes, 3 Islands )

Albanian Riviera
( Lukova, Porto Palermo, Borshi, Dhermi, Jala, Himare)

Other places in Albania

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