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Joel Travel is a tourist guide company located in Saranda. With many years of experience and a professional staff, our company has achieved to be one of the main touristic guides in the South of Albania. Dedicated to offer the best services for the tourist, we offer cultural guides, historical guides, transportation and many other services towards any client that want to visit the South Albania.
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Travel & Tours Agency.

Dedicated to offer the best vacation experience in South Albania


Our 4-hour tour begins when you are picked-up at your selected location. You will be transported in a comfortable vehicle to the National Park of Butrint where you will examine the impressive remains of a Roman theater and travel along a historical route that shows you a temple, an ancient fitness center with public baths, an aqueduct, and a Byzantine church with a one-of-a-kind well-preserved baptistery. The Lake’s Gate and the Lion’s Gate are also on our way with more history to tell as several fountains and wells that also have their astounding secrets to show. We shall end this route with views of a hilltop castle from the Venetian period after a visit to the museum that is inside the castle.

After spending a couple of hours in Buthrotum we will travel to Ksamil to experience  a breathtaking view of the sea, sun and islands. You will see a fish harvesting reservoir located in the sea. Remember to bring your camera to capture amazing photos.

Then we head to the Town of Saranda, where we will visit Onhezmi Synagoge and then we will have a walking tour of the city centre and promenande.

Joel Travel offers you the real definition of vacation. Operating in Saranda City we have many years of experience offering the best services for anyone that want to experience Saranda.


Sunny Days

A city blessed by nature with perfect climate conditions


Available Destinations

There are many attraction to visit in Saranda and many beautiful places to explore.


Minutes away from Corfu

Saranda is few minutes by boat away from Corfu, Greece


Minutes to Butrinti

Butrinti National Park is located just 30 minutes by car from Saranda. It’s a truly national treasure.

Our company has many years of experience and we are dedicated to other high quality transportation services and many tour packages, tourist guides etc.

Blue Eye

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lekursi 2


butrint 2


Gjirokaster 2


ksamil 4


riviera 4

We offer an experience you won’t forget. A journey to an amazing, little know place that has captivated a lot of hearts of eyes of many tourist that feel for the first team the beauty of Saranda City. Our tours are located in many places, wonderful beaches, historical places and many other sightseeing amazing destinations.

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